Dental Implants In Lyons And Inman, KS

One of the most talked about innovations in modern dentistry is the technology known as dental implants. It may sound new to many patients of Dr. Brian Kynaston, Dr. Matthew Perry, and Dr. Seth Prochaska of Lyons Dental Care and Inman Dental Care, but it is actually a proven form of restorative dentistry with many years of success behind it.

Understanding Dental Implants

So, what are dental implants? They are actually something akin to individual false teeth, but with the added advantage of being permanently placed in the jaw. They feature three very distinct pieces that include the post or shaft that is surgically implanted into your jaw and gum; an abutment that sits on top of the post and is used to hold the final piece, the dental crown.

As you might have guessed, dental implants are known as a form of restorative dentistry because they do restore the tooth to the fullest use possible. In fact, it restores the entire tooth: roots and crown. This is an important issue because the presence of the entire tooth can actually lead to much improved oral health over the long term.

When we lose an adult tooth, it leaves a gap. This space exists between the crowns (the areas of the teeth used to chew and bite) but also between the roots. This can allow the surrounding teeth to loosen, sustain damage and even change the entire bite. Any and all of these changes can cause a chain reaction of unwelcome issues.

In addition to those changes, the loss of an adult tooth allows atrophy to occur in the gum and recession to occur in the jaw bone. In other words, you lose actual bone and gum tissue as it all shrinks around the empty space. This can weaken the jaw while the empty area allows teeth to shift.

However, dental implants can be used to halt these harmful processes, or to simply serve as a healthy base for other restorative dentistry solutions. For instance, Dr. Brian Kynaston, Dr. Matthew Perry, or Dr. Seth Prochaska might suggest you opt for implants if you need implant-supported bridges, a set of full dentures (known as implant dentures) or to replace multiple teeth with a single tooth, multi-tooth, or one of the mini implants (best for those with inadequate gum or jaw tissue).

What Does It Involve?

Many people fear the word “surgery”, but this form of restorative dentistry is done while you are awake. It has a super high success rate and most patients experience no pain, but only a bit of swelling and tenderness for a few days after the post is placed in the gum and jaw. The process known as osseointegration has to occur – meaning the implant must bond to the jaw bone – and once that is done, a new crown is placed and your tooth is as good as new – or even better!

Find Out if Dental Implants are Right for You

If you are eager to speak with a restorative dentist and find out if implants will work for you, get in touch with us at Lyons Dental Care and Inman Dental Care online or by calling our Lyons office at (620) 257-5193 or our Inman office at (620) 904-0034.