Oral Surgery In Lyons And Inman, KS

Many of our regular dental patients understand the services that we provide for general dentistry but think that when it comes to oral surgery that they are going to have to travel to another doctor. This is why we are proud to offer oral surgery options for our patients at Inman & Lyons Dental Care. We feel that the comprehensive approach to your dental care helps to streamline your care and eliminates confusion or mistakes that can occur when transferring people to a new setting and a new team of providers. You can be assured that our staff has the skills and tools to complete a wide range of dental procedures without having to move between providers.

Understanding Oral Surgery

Oral surgery covers a broad range of different surgical approaches. While not all dental procedures require oral surgery, there is a number that should be completed in this setting. Some examples include complex tooth extractions and impacted wisdom teeth, jaw reconstruction, gum or bone grafting, tooth implants, and many more.

At Inman & Lyons Dental Care, we do not expect our patients to know if they need oral surgery ahead of time, so call today to schedule your appointment. We can review your case and help you determine the best treatment plan that fits your needs. In addition, because we can complete your oral surgery too, it helps you to eliminate unnecessary appointments, and you can have all of your questions answered at the same time.

Preparing for Oral Surgery

The range of oral surgery and your needs can be broad and differ from patient to patient. Be sure to follow your specific guidance so that you receive the best care and have the smoothest recovery. There are a few general guidelines that we offer for all of our patients who are considering oral surgery. Before your scheduled surgery date, there are a few things that you should plan for.

While it is usually possible for patients to drive themselves to the appointment, we cannot allow them to drive home after they have been sedated. This means that you will need to identify how you are getting home. If a friend or family member is available to provide your transportation, you may also want to see if they can stay with you for the first few hours during your recovery. This can help you focus more on getting the rest you need and having somebody else that can care for you initially.

You should also consider your needs during your recovery. If you have pets, you may want to see if they can stay with somebody else, or if they can be boarded for a few days to allow you to rest. Additionally, trips to the grocery store to get foods that sound appetizing can be a major obstacle following any surgical procedure.

Instead, plan for the types of foods you will be able to eat in advance and have them prepared and ready to eat. This also includes your plan for staying hydrated. Drinking plenty of fluids, but avoiding alcohol during your recovery, can greatly aid in how well you feel and how quickly you recover.

If you are prescribed pain medication, you should consider picking it up in advance of your appointment. Additionally, have ice packs or cold compresses readily available to help assist in your comfort. Preparing your bed and adding extra pillows can also help so that you can rest in an inclined position.


At Inman & Lyons Dental Care, we offer our patients an entire range of comprehensive dental options. If you are considering oral surgery, or simply looking for a dentist, contact our office today to see how we can help you.