Specialized Treatments Inman And Lyons Ks

At Lyons Dental Care and Inman Dental Care, we view all of our patients as unique individuals. We never look at treatments or treatment plans as “one size fits all”, and this is why we have a long list of specialty treatment options available. Dr. Brian Kynaston, Dr. Matthew Perry, and Dr. Seth Prochaska are more than happy to discuss them with you, whenever they apply to your needs or situation. This includes the option for sedation dentistry, night guards for bruxism, emergency care, laser dentistry and all of the other services so essential to a full-service family dental office.

Night Guards

Do you wake with sore teeth or jaw pain? Have you been experiencing dental issues such as cracking or breakage? If so, it is quite likely that you are one of the millions of people who have “bruxism” or teeth grinding. It can also be limited to intense clenching as you sleep, but the results are always the same; wear and tear to the teeth, pain in the jaws, neck, face, and mouth; and the risk of long-term damage – including dental loss.

This is why we are more than happy to discuss options in custom made night guards for all patients who struggle with this condition. We make them using molds taken of your upper and lower teeth, and we ensure they are comfortable, effective and safe. Different from the appliance worn during sports and by people who experience snoring and sleep apnea, night guards are a great way to improve your oral and overall health.

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Dental Emergency

Is there anything more stressful and upsetting as a dental emergency? Typically accompanied by pain and damage to the teeth, gums and soft tissue of the mouth, they are quite frightening. This is why we offer dental emergency care and treatment.

We can typically see a patient with an authentic dental emergency on the same day of the event. While the loss of a crown or filling feels like an emergency, that can often wait a day or two for care. However, if you have broken or lost a tooth, suffered an injury to the teeth and gums, or have extreme pain and swelling, these are emergency issues and we are here to address them as promptly as possible. Patients of all ages are seen for dental emergencies quickly.

While there are ways to avoid some emergencies, such as never using your teeth like tools to open things and wearing guards during contact sports, accidents happen and we are always here to help.

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Oral Surgery

A lot of patients are unclear about what constitutes oral surgery. Essentially, anything that our team must do that interferes with the gums and natural position of a tooth is going to fall under this heading. If you require extraction, it is oral surgery, and this includes wisdom tooth removal. Implant treatments are a form of surgery, and certain periodontal treatments qualify, too.

However, most of our patients are not under a heavy amount of sedation. This is because advances in technology make many forms of oral surgery very fast, straightforward and painless. We do use anesthetics to numb and to lightly sedate patients who require it, but oral surgery is quite common and reliable.

We offer it in the office to ensure our patients get the level of care we desire. We don’t often send you away for specialized treatment in another location. Instead, we look after your needs and provide continuity of care to guarantee the best outcomes.

Children’s Dentistry

Did you know that kids as young as one can have regular children’s dentistry visits? In fact, experts strongly suggest that you take your child in for their first visit around the time of their first birthday. This introduces them to the office and staff and gets them comfortable and familiar with the treatment.

Early visits also guarantee that your child’s teeth and gums are healthy, that their baby teeth are coming in (and falling out) in the best ways possible, and that early intervention is taken to reduce costly orthodontics at a later stage. It is also said that getting an early start with children’s dentistry ensures your kids do not suffer dental anxiety as they get older. This will be due to the fact that skilled dental teams know how to treat children in a way that alleviates any worry or upset and sets the stage for optimal oral hygiene later.

We can also ensure that you are cleaning your children’s teeth and gums in the best ways, and then teach kids how to take care of it themselves as they get older.

Laser Dentistry

An exciting area of innovation in modern dentistry is laser dentistry. It is used in many ways, and this includes lasers that can be used to address problems with the gums, to remove decay from within teeth and even to detect signs of decay as early as possible – often even before traditional x-rays and visual exams will detect it.

The way that dental laser works are quite fascinating, and it has to do with the frequencies that the laser’s effect. In this way, they can interact with the water and certain salts in a tooth or the blood cells in the gum tissue. They can often provide treatment in a way that is painless and that means you don’t have to deal with injections or noisy drills.

If you are eager to discover if the treatments you require can be done through our laser dentistry solutions, don’t be afraid to ask. We are more than happy to also use lasers for certain cosmetic issues, as well.

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Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a surprisingly dangerous condition and is far more than just snoring. It is when the soft tissue at the back and top of the throat has a tendency to fold together, causing that gasping and snoring sound. However, it also means you have limited oxygen, and sometimes none at all. In fact, most patients diagnosed with sleep apnea will have many periods in which they, technically, stop breathing each night.

Because it is so disruptive to breathing and sleep, patients with the condition suffer everything from elevated blood pressure to daytime fatigue and sleepiness. It affects every area of your life, and it takes time for a sleep clinic to get an official diagnosis.

If you do find you have the condition, we are happy to custom make a special sleep apnea appliance that provides a highly effective solution. By positioning the upper and lower jaws in a comfortable but alternative way, the appliance prevents the collapse of the soft tissue and keeps your airway open. If you have been diagnosed, don’t hesitate to get this safe and effective solution.

Sedation Dentistry

While there are some treatments that naturally require sedation, such as extractions, there are also many commonplace treatments that can be done with the use of sedation dentistry, too. If you suffer from dental anxiety, a very common issue that makes you upset, fear or panic around dentistry, we can provide you with oral sedation (medication) or Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to ensure you get treatment without any upset or other challenges.