Wisdom Teeth In Lyons And Inman, KS

There are many reasons that a tooth might need extraction, and sometimes that is actually the wisest move to make. Whether it is because the tooth is too decayed for a root canal or a crown, is not actually being used, or because it has been damaged beyond repair, extraction could actually be good for the remaining teeth. Where your wisdom teeth are concerned, it is often necessary to have them extracted, too, and Dr. Brian Kynaston, Dr. Matthew Perry, and Dr. Seth Prochaska of Lyons Dental Care and Inman Dental Care are happy to offer their services.

Wisdom Teeth 101

If you look at your teeth, you see that the back teeth, known as the molars are quite different from the front teeth. They are responsible for most of your chewing, and yet they can be very tough to clean properly. Even more disturbing is the fact that we all have another set of molars tucked even farther at the back of the mouth, the wisdom teeth, and they are usually the last to “erupt” or pop through the gums. Most of us do not even have room for them in our mouths, and if they erupt, they can cause all kinds of problems.

Dr. Brian Kynaston, Dr. Matthew Perry, or Dr. Seth Prochaska may tell you that your wisdom teeth need to be extracted for an array of different reasons, including:

  • They have not erupted, but are forcing your other teeth out of alignment or natural positions

  • They have erupted but are too difficult to clean and/or treat and will surely decay and cause problems

  • They have not erupted and have actually become impacted

  • They have erupted and moved into any open areas, but have caused misalignment with the existing teeth

We won’t even begin to explore the reasons we have these problematic and challenging extra teeth; suffice it to say that wisdom teeth exist and are often very problematic. This is why many people are told to have them extracted early in life – even before those teeth have a chance to emerge and cause problems.

During your routine visits to Lyons Dental Care and Inman Dental Care, feel free to ask us about your wisdom teeth if you are concerned about them. Of course, the team will usually discuss them with you if they are a noticeable problem. Most experts recommend they are removed before you reach the age of 30 because you are able to heal much faster the younger you are.

Extraction is Painless

Many patients worry that removing teeth is going to be an extremely painful process. It might surprise you to learn that many people have no pain or difficulties once the teeth are removed. Whether they have fully erupted or not, our team can remove them with a single, office visit. We can provide sedation dentistry and anesthesia to ensure no discomfort, and over the counter pain relievers are an ideal solution for any tenderness in the day following treatment.

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